Relaxation Massage Therapy


If you want a relaxing massage but don't have time to get a more intense treatment, relax and let Selena Ross provide it in Victoria, BC. She has a diploma in Recreation Leadership and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. She has experience treating many conditions, including chronic headaches, stress, and sports injuries. A member of the College of Massage Therapists of British Columbia, she enjoys working with people of all ages and is a registered massage therapist.  Learn about the registered massage therapist victoria on this article.
Before beginning a relaxation massage therapy session, patients are given the opportunity to fill out a health history form and give their consent. If they have an extended medical plan, they can come early to fill out the form. If they don't have one, they can receive a link through the internet to complete it beforehand. The therapist will also ask them a few questions, including any specific concerns. Once the assessment is complete, they will begin their treatment, and will be available for follow-up questions afterward.
Molly Ross graduated from a 3000 hour program in Victoria and is passionate about patient education. She has had a lifetime of headaches, and has taken extra courses in orthopedic Manual Therapy and intra-oral massage work, as well. Her special interests include neck and TMJ discomfort, as well as migraine headaches. You will find Molly Ross's techniques to be soothing and effective. The results of your massage will be noticeable.
A Swedish Massage is a classic type of massage that focuses on relaxing and easing tension in the body. This technique is highly effective for chronic conditions. It combines surface friction with deep kneading to create a deeply relaxing effect. While you are in the process of reclaiming your body's natural ability to heal, Swedish massage is also a great way to release stress from your body.
Whether you are looking for a therapeutic massage or just a relaxing experience, massage therapy can provide the relief you need. If you are suffering from a pulled muscle, a two- to three-hour session at the massage spa victoria BC may be enough to help. If you are looking for a relaxing massage in Victoria BC, you can find one by reading online reviews or contacting your local professional. Most professionals will be happy to help you achieve your goals and feel better.
In addition to Swedish massage, other forms of massage are available as well. These include deep tissue massage and myofascial release. These two types are best suited for people in pain, recovering from an accident, and experiencing a range of physical ailments. The benefits of this type of therapy are endless. Not only does it provide relief from a variety of conditions, but it also helps prevent future injuries. Aside from promoting recovery from pain, these therapies can help a person who is suffering from a stressful life.  View here for details concerning the subject:
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